I was first recommended to Joe’s by a co-worker who had nothing but great things to say about the shop. At the time, I was relatively new in to the area, and was concerned about finding a new, reliable, and honest mechanic. When I went in to have my brakes serviced, I was first impressed with the clean shop and office area. However, that was nothing compared to the quality of service! Not only was the service that my car needed explained to me, but the guys at Joe’s completely explained how the entire braking system worked in my car. No one had ever explained that to me before! Another time, I went into Joe’s expecting a new timing belt to be installed. When I received a call from Joe’s later that day, I was very surprised at the honesty of the shop. It turned out my timing belt had just simply slipped off the pulleys a little bit and needed a minor adjustment. What I expected to be a relatively expensive fix, turned out to cost me virtually nothing. Because of this quality of service and honesty, I have and will continue to recommend anyone to Joe’s Auto Service.

Jonthan Taylor

I continue to go to Joe’s Auto Service because of service, service, service!!! I am not able to leave my car for the day, so I appreciate that they can schedule me in when I will have minimal wait time. I also appreciate their consistent updates on my vehicle so that I know what to expect down the road. It’s great to have a place to take my car to that is trustworthy and offers good service!

Susanne Knowles

I have been taking my family’s cars to Joe’s Auto Service since he first took over the old Marathon station at the corner of Old Meridian and Main Street.  While the service is always great and the pricing always fair, the main reason I choose Joe’s is what I refer to as their “predictive services”.

Prior to my relationship with Joe’s, I nearly always became aware of the need for major service only after something failed and usually when I was least expecting a costly repair.  There have also been times when I felt that I paid for repairs that were not yet needed (or necessary at all).  At Joe’s, even if I am only in for an oil change, their on-going inspections and record keeping allow me to come away with the knowledge as to what repairs I may or may not be facing and an estimated time frame as to when the repair will most likely need to be performed.  This has given me the ability to plan for the time and money that will need to be spent, thus allowing me to save or otherwise allocate my resources over time. These inspections have also turned up problems that I have been able to have repaired prior to important vacation and business trips rather than face a potential breakdown on the road.

They have even gone so far as to make me aware of Service Bulletins regarding the makes and models of my cars that must be performed at a dealership.  Service they make no money on and I that I would most likely never have been made aware of.

In my Financial Planning Practice, the ability to anticipate expenses so as not to negatively affect cash reserves is something I preach to my clients.  For this reason I have recommended Joe’s Auto Service to all of my clients and the members of several professional, civic and religious organizations of which I am a member.  I would likewise recommend Joe’s to you.

Richard D. Sunderland

When taking care of both my cars, I always “take them to Joe”.   His shop is neat and tidy, people friendly, prices reasonable, gets work done quickly and above all, his people can diagnose any problem your car might be having.  Having a great mechanic that you can trust is so important and I’m glad Joe’s Auto Service is always there for our family!  Thanks for being there Joe!

Kim Ramirez

I feel comfortable taking my cars and my family’s cars to Joe’s because I know he takes the time to stay on top of current technology and has always shown this knowledge in the care he has taken of my cars.  I also know that he stands behind his parts and service.  He has always given me an honest opinion as far as the options available based on the diagnosis of my car’s needs.

Paul Clore

We have been coming to Joe’s Auto service since early 2000.  You guys have always been great on service and price for a couple cars we have owned.  We really can’t remember any issues on repairs you have done where we have had to come back in.  And if we did it was corrected.  We appreciate the advice on preventive service by your staff.  “It doesn’t need to be done today, but in a few months”.  This helps prepare for the cost.  And if something needs to be done that day, you guys have earned our trust, we generally will have the work done.  We have recommended Joe’s Auto Service to friends.

Chris and Terri Shrader

I have been coming to Joe’s for about 3 ½ years, because of a recommendation from a friend where I work.  I feel that I have been very fairly and honestly treated by your company.  I am basically a very non-trusting person when it comes to repairs to my cars, due to my lack of mechanical knowledge.  However, when I have repairs and preventive maintenance performed by your technicians, after discussions with Brad, I have complete faith that I am being told the truth, and I also feel that I receive quality repairs and replacement parts.  I will continue to recommend Joe’s Auto Service.

Hank Bane

I began using Joe’s Auto a number of years ago.  At the time, we were no longer pleased with the service center we had been using, and were interested in finding something else closer.  I tried Joe’s as a test run, and was very pleased with the work, and felt very comfortable with Joe.  We have continued to work with them as they have grown and twice moved facilities twice.  We continue to feel that the staff is as friendly and honest as the first time we met Joe.  We have referred several friends to Joe’s Auto, and we believe that all have been happy with the results.  The best endorsement that I can give is that my wife feels comfortable taking her car in on her own for general maintenance.

Matt Ulsas

I chose Joe’s because they were local and recommended by a friend.  They are experienced and very friendly.  They have provided drop-off service and a rental car when I have needed service on my only vehicle.  I trust the diagnostics and billing.  Any opportunity I get I recommend Joe’s to others.  Thanks.

James Miles